Her eyes are a metaphor,
a conceit, fantasy
No shakespearean sonnet
even a lyric, will suffice
to describe the elegance she carries
Her smile, the greatest curve,
all simile will be denied
Haikus and couplets
even the long ones
will not be enough
Her laughter is a song,
a perfect harmony and melody
She is neither a hyperbole
nor full of irony
instead she is perfect rhyme
She is a walking poetry
a personification of aesthetics
Almost an abstract
unfathomable beauty
out of the ordinary

Isabelle Jan 5

Oh how she poses perfectly,
Carrying her persona beautifully,
Entice me her looks so elegantly.

Atul Kaushal Jul 2015

You are the supremely graceful
epiphany, the life changing
Stay. And let me stare
at your fulgent elegance,
your lovely manifestation
till I’ll become blind enough
and see the meaning
of this incarnation

Shivendra Om Jul 2015

Behind the scenes

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