When no one else was there to save me,
it was.
It always wraps me in its warmth,
Listens to my every sob,
Pats me in sympathy and comfort.
It’s been my lifelong friend.
Most kids are afraid of the dark,
But really there’s no need.
Darkness has always been my friend

Arkham Asylum

When the darkness comes.
I will be waiting for it.
With my eyes open wide.
With my soul still pure.
And with my soul still intact.
I will fight with pride.
With no going back.
I will try not to fall.
I will stand my ground.
Never bow down my head.
Let the darkness engulf me.
For my lady’s light glows.
Her love gives me strength.
Against the impossible odds.
Showing me the way.

Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul

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