One-sided feeling
One-sided thought
Feel like a tool
I’m only a fool
What could hurt most
Are those in your mind
You are your own
Worst enemy
And you are out of line

Fon Apr 18, 2014

I fight against this pain
I fight against this anger
I fight against this agony
I’m going against myself
I fight against my nightmare
I fight against this animal
I fight against the world
I’m going against myself
I fight against the truth
I fight against the lies
I fight against reality
I fight against these thoughts
I’m fighting my self

Evelyn Moreno Apr 16, 2015

Twist of the knife,
It hurts again.
Look down; the knife’s in my hand.
Open my eyes and for the first time see
The scars and wounds all over me.
How did this happen?
I’m bleeding out.
Like the words of the dumb mine won’t come out.
Screaming inside but no-one can hear.
In the sound of silence grows my fear.
Can I make it?
I’ve done it before.
Sew my wounds up as the tears hit the floor.
Hide my pain behind my lies.
Hope that I won’t be betrayed by my eyes.
Windows to the soul, but who takes the time to see:
I keep getting hurt by my own worst enemy.

Daniel Gambill Sep 3, 2015

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